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Gill's Story

‘I haven’t felt this happy in years!’

Gill Bearton, now known as ‘Miss Energi’ to her friends, has an amazing and inspiring story to share.

Since attending Fusion Fit classes every week, Gill has managed to lose a whopping 3 stone! We invited her in to tell her story.

Gill arrived looking amazing, and excited to share her journey with us. Smiling from ear to ear she told us that since joining the Fusion Fit classes she has dropped five dress sizes! FIVE!

Last January she was a size 22, now she’s loves going shopping for size 12 clothes and feels more confident, toned and overall much happier within herself. Gill’s motivation to get into fitness was that she was overweight, felt down and stuck in a rut. As borderline diabetic, she knew she had to make changes in her lifestyle.

‘I joined Fusionfit with a friend last January, as someone who wasn’t into fitness I instantly felt comfortable. Gym’s aren’t for me, so finding an exercise class that I loved was fantastic. I’ve now built my confidence, have a much more positive attitude to exercise and feel motivated to be healthy’ The classes are accessible to everyone, all fitness levels and sizes. I recommend FusionFit to everybody, that’s why my new nickname is ‘Miss Energi.’

Our FusionFit instructor Nat, and Gill have become good friends over the months and described Nat as being inspiring, motivating and encouraging.

Nat says ‘Gill’s biggest transformation to me is her confidence. To lose 3 stone is such a huge achievement. I’m so happy for her. She works hard every week during FusionFit and to see her fantastic results is so inspiring to me and others in the class.’

Gill explains, ‘The class has helped so much with my transformation journey and I will definitely be continuing the class – I just love it! I’ve made a great group of friends through Energi, we even have a what’s app group and plan cinema trips together. I’ve gone from 14st 9lb to 11lb 9lb and have never felt happier!’

If you want to start your fitness journey with our Level 3 Personal Trainer Richelle, simply book online at or call us on 01772 440400.

FusionFit classes are every Wednesday (Preston only) for 45 minutes. Only £6 a class or 5 classes for £25!