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Sarah's Story

‘After an FusionFit class, I’m ready to take on the world’

Sarah is a regular at our FusionFit sessions, after going through a tough year in 2016, Sarah really wanted a new focus in her life. Here she shares her inspiring story with us.

In the beginning, I wanted to lose weight and get generally fitter. I used to eat late at night and then I’d binge! FusionFit was a healthy distraction. I had a lot of instability in my life last year but I looked forward to FusionFit. It was my escape, where everything else could be forgotten. If I came into the class after a bad day, after a couple of minutes into the class it just didn’t matter anymore.

Since starting the classes, I have lost 2 stone, but it became more than just wanting to lose the weight. I wanted to get stronger and build up my stamina, build definition and shape and FusionFit has really helped me with this.

I attend the class at least once a week, usually on Wednesdays. I now say I’ve made it to ‘Jump Day’ instead of Hump Day, a halfway through the week point! I get loads of endorphins from the class that push me through to Friday, it really helps my mood, jumping is so uplifting!

Sarah jokes, ‘It takes me to new heights!’

It’s become a really big part of my life and I really love it. The staff always chat with me and treat me as a friend. I have also met so many lovely people who I regularly have nights out with. There’s a real sense of community, where everyone is welcome and nobody is judged. Natalie has inspired me so much that I’ve been researching a change in career direction, I’m now on my way to achieving several health & fitness qualifications to enable me to become an instructor in the industry!

We asked Sarah what advice she would give to anyone who hasn’t tried FusionFit yet…

You should try everything once. You never know how strong you are until you’ve tried FusionFit.

I leave the class feeling charged, pumped and focussed, like I can do anything… I’m ready to take on the world!

If Sarah’s journey has inspired you to give our FusionFit classes a try, you can book your sessions on Wednesday evenings at 8pm (Preston only) including Bank Holidays and School Holidays. You can book online at or call 01772 440400.